I truly appreciate the impact that Rob is having on my professional and personal life. He is easily the most uplifting person I know with a gift of examining and evaluating strengths, behaviors, points of pain and trauma and areas of improvement and then helping me map out an action plan of development. Beginning with an assessment and then continuing with his assistance at putting it into action in my life has improved my basic outlook. Rob has helped empower me and to reconnect with my own inner wisdom, to find my own answers and to rediscover those powerful moments of choice out of which lasting change grows. I’m discovering what’s most important to me in my life and we’re working on designing a plan to achieve those things. He’s very good at helping me to recognize and eliminate any obstacles or blocks that stand in my way. He offers steps, insights, and ideas that have stretched me. He continually follows up with me and makes me accountable to press forward. As a result, I now have a greater willingness to stand up tall and strong for what I believe are the best strategies in situations throughout my work and life. The accountability to a trustworthy life coach like Rob has been an invaluable asset.
— Kami C.
Rob provided a very thorough and comprehensive evaluation for me and provided the solutions that I needed. He was professional, very responsive and always helpful in a timely manner. I would recommend Rob’s services to any who are seriously committed to professional consultation.
— Jim S.
Rob has a great ability to read people. This skill has allowed him to help me really take a deeper look into my dreams & aspirations. He listens to what I have to say and always provides honest feedback and direction even if it isn’t what I want to hear. I feel like he has really helped me create a road map to align my goals helping me become who I desire to be.
I would highly recommend Rob! He truly has the desire to help people figure out some of life’s toughest questions!
I’m grateful for not only our working relationship but the friendship we’ve developed along the way. If you truly have the desire to become the best you can be give Rob a call. You won’t regret it!
— Brandon V.
Rob came into my life where my struggle was real. I was tired, struggling to find my purpose, experiencing an immense amount of darkness, and found myself just going through the motions. I reached out to Rob with hopes that he could help give me tools to turn it around. What I love about Rob the most is he has struggled with everything that I have so he was so relatable. He pushed me everyday, holding me accountable to my goals and desires to find my passion and purpose. Anytime of day or night he was there to keep pushing me and for that I am forever grateful! I’m so excited for the place I’m in today and where I am going!
— Andrea R.
Working with Rob has literally been a life changing experience for me. I hear those words “life changing” in almost any kind of advertising I see. I usually see that and it goes in one ear and out the other, I just feel they are trying to sell me on a product that I don’t need. I am using that example, because thru the various therapists I have had, which have all been good, and have helped me, I have not had an experience as I have had when I sit down with Rob. I feel every time we meet I am literally making changes in my life that will allow me to be the best version of myself and over come so many fears that have caused more damage than I have known, like a cancer growing in my body. I not only feel like I have a teacher helping me thru my life path, but a friend who isn’t afraid to relate his own experiences, good or bad in order to help me overcome my own demons. I am still in a little shock that I feel healing in my life thru the sessions I have had with Rob. He is curing the cancer of darkness that I have had lingering and growing inside of me for so long, and saying that I am grateful for this does not do it justice, it is beyond what words I have. I have been working with Rob for a little over 2 months and in that time I have seen immense change in myself and so has my friends and family. I never thought the path I am walking now was possible, and I am looking forward to moving forward on many more paths that will lead me to happiness for me, and I am beyond grateful to do this with my coach and my friend Rob.
— Jason H.